-Mission The mission of the MAPI Charitable Clinic is to provide quality healthcare, excluding emergency care and obstetrics, to the uninsured and under-insured, without regard to race, creed or ethnicity, in a safe environment, and in a respectful manner.


After years of using space kindly donated by the Members of the Michigan Association of Physicians Indian Heritage, the MAPI Clinic finally found a permanent home in 2014 after the organization raised sufficient funds and purchased its current facility.
Equipped with patient rooms, reception area and a waiting room, the clinic is open most Saturdays to meet the needs of the community.


-Vision MAPI clinic is to provide health care services free of cost to persons in need. It is a vehicle for Physicians of Indian Heritage to donate their medical expertise and exercise Philanthropy.



MAPI organized bystander BCLS training course at Hindu Temple in Canton on 25th March 2017. Dr Chandralekha Pujara coordinated the event.The event was sponsored by Dr Sohail Hassan,MD,FACC.This course was given to 11 attendees by Sam Dabaja R.N.Sarita Rao,N.P.arranged the necessary logistics. Sudden Cardiac Death is a major public health challenge causing nearly 350,000 deaths a year.Time is the determinant in this catastrophe.If CPR is initiated by the bystander before the rescue team arrives,the chances of survival increase immensely.

We all have been witness to this kind of catastrophe at our social gatherings one time or other and have literally experienced the dire need for immediate expert help.